Pressure Filters

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Inline pressure filters from our range provide high efficiency filtration and are designed to protect sensitive system components, they are normally installed downstream from the hydraulic pump on the pressure line but before any control valves which protect directly one of more components The filter elements primarily used are made from glass fibre (absolute filtration, x = 75) or sometimes by cellulose paper (nominal filtration, x = 2). The quality of materials used ensure high efficiency and reliability on the field and are suitable for use on stationary and mobile applications. Sizes range from 1/2" BSP to 1 1/2" BSP with flow rates from between 15 L/min to 420 L/min and a maximum pressure of 420 bar. The replacement filter elements we stock range from 5 to 21 glass fibre which are multi pass tested to achieve the acceptable beta ratio, 10 & 25 cellulose paper and 25 to 125 steel wire mesh are available to order. Visual and electrical differential indicators are available from stock.