Return Line

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Return line filters help retain the contamination generated during the system operation thus ensuring cleanliness and long life to the fluid and to the whole hydraulic system and are fitted downstream from all the components filtering the oil before it returns into the tank. Their function is keeping the required contamination level inside the tank (indirect protection of the components) and must be sized to have a high dirt holding capacity. They usually have filter elements by glass fibre (absolute filtration, x = 75) or by cellulose treated paper (nominal filtration, x = 2). Our stock tank mounted semi immersed filters (RFM) from our Sofima range which are suitable for stationary and mobile applications with port sizes ranging from 3/8" BSP to 2" BSP and flow rates between 5 L/min and 700 L/min. Tank top spin-on (MAR) which are mounted on top of the tank and are used on stationary power units and come with a by-pass as standard which protects the filter from pressure peaks and flow rate variation with ports sizes ranging from 3/4" BSP to 1 1/2" BSP and flow rates between 30 L/min and 205 L/min. Spin-on filters (AMF) which are designed for the filtration of hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils on power uints, off-line systems, agricultuiral and construction equipment with port sizes ranging 3/4" BSP to 1 1/2" BSP and flow rates between 30 L/min to 375 L/min. The replacement elements which suit our return filters are 10 or 25 cellulose paper as standard, but also available are steel wire mesh elements 60 to 125 and glass fibre elements ranging from 5 to 21 which are multi pass tested to achieve the acceptable beta ratio. Visual and electrical indicators are also available from stock.