Oil & Hydraulic

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All hydraulic systems have an initial solid contamination which tends to increase during operation due to the wear of components, ingression from seals, etc. For this reason it is necessary to use hydraulic filtration that retains the contaminant and maintains the required contamination class. Depending on locations of the hydraulic fiters in the system the most common filter types are; Return filters which are downstream from all components and filter the oil before it returns to tank; in-line hydraulic filters for use on the pressure line and directly protect one or more components and hydraulic suction filters which are fitted onto the suction line and protect the pump from possible course contamination. The elements for suction filters are usually made from steel wire mesh and must be sized properly to avoid any possible pump cavitation. Also available to order are hydraulic filter assemblies for offline systems, dry and oil bath air filters for industrial diesel engines and air compressors, water and fuel filters for marine engines and also gas filtering elements.